GIOI by The Farm

4th May 2021
Widely known for their farm-to-table concept, GIOI champions urban farming by planting their herbs in their front yard, and establishing their fourth site, an open-air restaurant in Golf Island, PIK, that continues to serve Southeast Asian fusion cuisine.

Though the concept is not novel in our local culture, Jakarta has slowly likened to the trend of urban farming within the past year through adopting and growing plants in their home gardens. GIOI further embraces this notion for their fourth location, this time in Urban Farm’s compound in the north side of the city. Opening their doors to the excitement of visitors, elements of nature which they share with Kinetic Farm becomes the charm here, as comers can wander ’round and dine in a breezy open-air establishment.

With GIOI’s farm-to-table concept, they haul some of their quality ingredients and fresh produce from their hydroponic farm in the hills of Ciawi, Bogor. Furthering this dining concept, the restaurant also handpicks the season’s best from Urban Farm’s garden next door, such as herbs like calamansi lemongrass and lime, Vietnamese basil, and lemon basil to name a few. 

Their timely concept of creating an open-air restaurant brings in those looking to escape the dense city. Decked with a bohemian design complete with a garden patio and swing chairs, their nature-infused outdoors encircles the establishment for a true al-fresco dining experience.

Granted, their lush setting instantly spoils comers, but their shared Southeast Asian fusion dining remains the main attraction here. For instance, their must-try Signature Crispy Duck and Salmon Lodeh (the latter is a creamy twist on the traditional lodeh stew) encourages a feast amongst a group of hungry visitors. However, humble diners can also order their individual dishes, where crowd votes point to the buttery Grilled Tiger Prawn Barley and the savoury Garlic Noodle Baby Lobster, served with Hokkien noodles. An exclusive dish from the new branch is the Seafood Paella, their take on the Spanish dish garnished with baby lobster, scallops, and calamari.

While it’s not a bonafide farm-scape, GIOI invites patrons to enjoy the goods of such experience regardless of our urban confinements. Through championing the practice of farm-to-table, guests might as well head home with the inclination to experience nature from the comfort of their own homes, encouraging the urban farming movement, one plate at a time.