From Urban Farm to Table

by Erdira Wirengjurit
29th December 2020
With small plots that grow staple kitchen spices and produce, Urban Farm by Kinetic Farm in PIK sheds light on urban farming and gardening practice to inspire city dwellers on the rising trend that could be the future of home gardens.

Long-time urban dwellers know it: there’s a longing for more nature in our lives. The sentiment manifests in many ways for people, with some choosing to adopt plants into their homes, others might muse on the idea of a quick camping getaway or even make a lifestyle change to consume more healthy food and greens to make the person feel closer to nature. Whatever the form of the interaction, our awareness of this longing is on the rise.

At Urban Farm, nature is brought closer to city dwellers. This subsidiary of Kinetic Farm plotted a small farm-scape in North Jakarta’ PIK where they grow a wide variety of food and spice crops that are hand-raised and organic. From apple mint, a variety of limes and lemons, thyme, peppermint, rosemary and ginger (just to name a few), the long list of fresh produce and staples are sold right from the plots they’re grown for the freshest picks for your pantry.

If a refreshingly fresh sight is what you’re after, then be in luck for the premises of Urban Farm is beholding, especially at the onset of golden hours. The heat of the day might get to you while you wait for the perfect weather to enjoy the garden. Therefore, have a little repose at GIOI by The Farm restaurant where their food is farm-to-table exclusive from the very garden it neighbours.

The trend of urban farming is but a novelty at all. It’s a concept that adheres to the ethos of sustainability and community, favouring small-scale local production for the local community over industrial methods to produce food. Introducing this social and eco-consciousness is embedded in the establishment’s mission. And even though urban farming hasn’t fully caught on in Jakarta, the practice of growing staple plants in home gardens isn’t an entirely foreign concept in our local culture.

With Urban Farm, simply put, they acquaint the lot of city people with urban gardening, and perhaps might even inspire one’s next home garden project to bring the goods of nature closer to our urban homes.