DEMIE Bakmie – COMO Park

11th December 2020
DEMIE Bakmie is the latest to join COMO Park’s roster of lifestyle establishments, with a bigger space for a bigger crowd to enjoy, while serving up new dishes to the delight of regulars and for the curious to get acquainted.

The hub gets more and merrier at COMO Park with DEMIE Bakmie, a go-to for halal noodle bowls in the South, becoming the latest addition to join the compound’s roster of lifestyle establishments. Once occupying the storefront of the relocated Pelaspas Dharmawangsa, the bakmie joint now sits atop The Roots salad bar, flashing a bigger space and an exclusive menu for a bigger crowd to enjoy. 

It’s not hard to spot Demie from afar. From the retractable canopy covering the restaurant’s outdoor area to the tunnel-like stairs, Demie’s prominent blue (easily) makes a distinct impression. The colour transfers inside, whereby the familiar noodle bar and open kitchen have stretched to dining tables that allow for more elbow and legroom. The biggest branch of the two (Shophaus Menteng and Crumblecrew), Demie at Como suits up to be a convenient spot for regulars to get their fix and for the curious to get acquainted. 

Ultimately, it’s their noodle offerings—cooked up to match the traditional west and north kind of bakmie tang—that people chase after. Either you go for Demie Keriting or Demie Karet, the taste stays unchanging with its firm and chewy noodles, populated with familiar garnishes like diced chicken, meatballs and pangsit. Exclusive to the Como branch, a new menu rounds the list with Demie Goreng Seafood; doused in XO Sauce, a type of spicy seafood sauce, topped with fried snapper and shells, the dish is a party to slurp. Bookend the meal with another of their new menu, Puding Monggo, a refreshing dessert that flocks silky pudding with diced mangoes and sago pearls.

Serving up to 500 bowls per day, Demie’s brand of noodle has even out-of-towners visiting and ordering to feast back home. The new place at Como is just another mark of the eatery’s continuous stride, drawing a bigger mix of crowds to get their verdict on the noodle’s distinct yet homely savour.