Acta Brasserie

10th July 2020
Grounded on The MAJ Senayan complex, Acta Brasserie by BIKO Group enthrals the city’s epicureans with its slow setting, generous collection of liquors and modern fares.

A Brasserie, often identified with a vast collection of drinks and simple grubs, normally takes form in an archetypal French restaurant. BIKO Group takes on this concept with their newest venture, Acta Brasserie, to the grounds of The MAJ Senayan, neighbouring Black Pond Tavern. With a similar peripheral to its kin, Acta holds the charm of a modern brasserie: woodsy tones, a leisurely ambiance and wall decor that pay tribute to the golden age of art and design with the likes of Spanish painter Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, and the man behind Bauhaus, Walter Gropius.

Sofas and wooden table sets occupy the room, and the bar, fixed underneath its wine cellar, is an icon. The space then extends to the outdoor seating where a different charm beholds. Facing an endless green view, the spot is a crowd’s beloved best enjoyed during sunset; here, patrons can lounge freely while swans make their occasional visit.

To emulate a casual yet tasteful dining, Acta brings forth a full round of menu, spawned by the chef behind Musubi Modern Japanese Kitchen, Rui Yamagishi. Start with the lighter bites like their unique take on salad, the Fried Brussel Sprout with crispy bits of beef bacon, pomegranate and feta cheese—all drenched in balsamic dressing. Then, spoil your taste buds with their sweet-and-sour Baby Lobster Spaghetti, drizzled in red chilli oil and parmesan.

Still have room for a final treat? Make sure you don’t miss their modern take on local desserts, such as the Black Rice Pudding (a velvety black rice custard, coconut sorbet, jackfruit and black rice tuile) or Yuzu Honey, a mound of shaved ice topped with Yuzu cream, honeycomb, lime zest and citrus syrup.

For the drinks, Acta Brasserie keeps their choices festive. Scan their menu, and you will find selections for everybody; from coffees, beers, to ultimately, house special cocktails and wine. To wit, have one of their house favourite cocktails Floral Blossom; a mix of gin, blood orange vodka, fruits, chrysanthemum tea, agave syrup and lemon zest. For those in favour of a slow night, their Dragonfruit Yakult mocktail is as refreshing as it is eye-catching. Elsewhere, you will find a slew of wine bottles lined up on their cellar; pick, and it’s yours.

Though their opening was only a few months back, Acta Brasserie has already ticked all the boxes as a place that sheds equal spotlight to their ambience, grubs and beverages. With this in hand, a lengthy waiting list has become the counterpart to paying Acta a visit—a worthwhile one nonetheless.