Welcome to Taka House

By Hana Oktavia A.
8th February 2021
Grounded by a thriving lifestyle community, Taka House in Bintaro is the latest neighbourhood hub that stands out with its assembly of local shops and eateries with the likes of Pizzza Dealer, Pò Noodle and fashion label MADER.

Apart from a good curation of products, what keeps a business sustainable is a strong underlying community that helps it flourish. This is the principle that Bintaro’s latest neighbourhood hub, Taka House tries to embody: through gathering like-minded creativepreneurs, competition in the marketplace feels less like a racing game and more like a common ground where people walk side by side in creating a healthy ecosystem that attracts similarly creative and community-minded customers.

Diaz Hensuk, one of the founders of Taka House in Jl. Elang (Taka, Japanese for “hawk”) materialised this concept by bringing together notable lifestyle and F&B brands from the capital into the Bintaro scene to initiate a space for lifestyle enthusiasts to connect or lull in their me-time.

Making use of an ex-kindergarten blueprint, the compound stands out with their lush outdoors where visitors can be seen tending to their productive hours or enjoying a quality time with their peers in the company of popular dining joints, Pizzza Dealer and Pò Noodle. Diners can freely lounge amid the open-air terrace, an area that folks behind Taka House wish to cultivate as the heart of future community-based activities with the likes of bazaars and workshops.

The communal spot stretches to their interior, where record store Bintaro Records (brought by the famous vinyl shop Laidback Blues) and RUI Coffee dominate the space. Here, guests are welcomed to sip their caffeine fix while occasionally peeping into the record store’s collections. Those with eyes for knick-knacks will feel the need to splurge at MADER; following their Cinere flagship, the fashion and lifestyle brand boarded their collections of attention-grabbing footwear, clothing to houseplants and terracotta pots into their colourful corner in the compound—welcoming both fashion-forward individuals and devoted plant parents with open arms.

It takes an unwavering community for a business to survive, and by incorporating the many faces of lifestyle labels (music, fashion, F&B and hobby) with strong and unique identities within their hub, Taka House’s flocks of passionate visitors already foretell their bright days ahead.