Welcome to Hotel No. 12

by Manual Jakarta
22nd September 2016
A joint collaboration by a collective of twelve Indonesian interior designers, ID12, Colours of Indonesia is an exhibition where the visions of these designers are channeled into the making of an imaginary hotel, namely Hotel No. 12.

Held in Senayan City Mall, ID12, a collective of twelve Indonesian interior designers, band together for an extensive exhibition, Colours of Indonesia, where they conjured up an imaginary boutique hotel, Hotel No. 12. From reception lobby, hotel suite to gift shop, visitors gets to go through the exhibition and step into the respective room as if they were real. Indeed, even doorman, receptionist and even retail assistant are included to further amp up the fantasy.

This exhibition also sees designers delving into the design history of Indonesia. To wit, Eko Priharseno incorporated traditional Toraja design, Ne’ Limbogan, which means “The Legendary Creator”, and matched it with contemporary marble floor tile for the Hotel’s gift shop.

Whether you’re an aspiring interior designer, searching inspirations for your new dwelling or passerby, Colours of Indonesia offers a brief yet welcome respite from the usual mall routines. Just don’t forget to check out.


Colours of Indonesia will run until 25th September 2016 at Senayan City Mall Level 1.