Wave of Tomorrow

by Pingkan Palilingan
22nd October 2018
Art, technology and music converge in Wave of Tomorrow, an immersive exhibition that presents striking installations, where each is evocative of 'the future'. Taking over the new The Tribrata building at Darmawangsa, Wave of Tomorrow runs until 28th October 2018.

“Here comes a wave … A new wave of art, technology and music AHEAD of its time,” reads a catchline from Wave of Tomorrow. The exhibition, just launched last weekend, challenges the boundaries between art, technology and music through impressive installations that are set to impress exhibition goers.

Taking over the new The Tribrata establishment within the Darmawangsa neighbourhood, Wave of Tomorrow has brought together artists across various disciplines, some are known over the world for their striking installations — Paris-based NONOTAK, Sembilan Matahari from Bandung, and Jakarta-based Maika Collective, Ageless Galaxy, Rebellionink, Kinara DarmaModulight, and Stereoflow.

Upon entry, visitors are taken to a virtual passageway called The Tunnel, created by Sembilan Matahari, that merges eye-popping video installations, blinding lights and music. As the very first installation that welcomes visitors, this immediately establishes the mood of the whole experience.

A further walk in, Constellation Neverland, still by Sembilan Matahari, replicates a thunderstorm through a fairy-tale like audiovisual presentation. Another, Window by the NONOTAK duo presents a limitless light installation: with an accompanying background audio, shafts of light pierce through the haze-filled room as they dance to the beats.

Apart from the installations, music performances and talks in conjunction to the event will also take place to enrich the ten-day exhibition. A line-up of musicians such as Barasuara, Maliq & D’Essentials, Mantra Vutura, Stars and Rabbit, and also noted DJs (Double Deer’s Arrio and Diskoria, to mention a few), will hype up Wave of Tomorrow.

Once you’ve completed the tour of the exhibition, you’ll realise that each installation is equally immersive as the other and likewise evocative of the future. Thought-provoking, in-your-face and poetic at once, this is one of those exhibitions that will leave an undeniable impression as you reflect on the city’s evolving contemporary art scene.


Wave of Tomorrow is open at The Tribrata, Grand Ballroom, Jl. Darmawangsa III, South Jakarta, until 28 October 2018. For more information on the exhibition and ticketing, visit www.waveoftomorrow.id