Wave of Tomorrow 2019

By Cindy Julia Tobing
24th December 2019
Governed by art, technology and music, this year’s Wave of Tomorrow leaves room to contemplate with their line-up of immersive installations. Taking place at The Tribrata at Darmawangsa, the exhibition runs until 29 December, 2019.

There’s no measure to what technology can achieve nowadays; with its advancement across different fields, the reach is widespread, while its impacts run deep. The second Wave of Tomorrow exhibition, which just opened last weekend, further explores this breakthrough through stimulating art installations that will leave goers—in awe—but also with much to ponder on.

Taking over the Tribrata Building, this year’s exhibition gathered 14 immersive works from a diverse set of well-known Indonesian artists to international headliners. Coming back for the second round are Paris-based Nonotak and Sembilan Matahari from Bandung, along with Jakarta-based Kinara Darma, Modulight and Maika Collective. First time participants Rubi Roesli/Biroe, Farhanaz Rupaidha, UVISUAL, Ricky Janitra, Notanlab, Motion Beast, Tundra, Ouchhh and Jakob Steensen also add excitement to the talented crowd.

All artworks are set across three stages—legacy, now and tomorrow—and placed accordingly, with each reflecting theme that are indicative of the three generations, further enhanced through audiovisual, sensory, virtual reality to artificial intelligence.

One of the highlights come in the form of string composition, seen as one steps into the entrance. Created by Rubi Roesli, the string art forms a three-dimensional visual installation to capture a sense of space, especially dreamlike at night when the light projections are activated. Another installation that gets the crowd going is “The Simulation of Harmony” by Kinara Darma in collaboration with Modulight. Set like a circular maze, the installation meshes visual, texts and audio, which moves like a storyline once a cushion-like button is sat on, prompting interactions of the guests. Creating a rather poignant experience, this installation unfolds wonderment about existence and the impacts of people’s actions onto others.

But the scene-stealer amongst all would probably go to “Data Gate”, the world’s first AI-controlled astronomical research data sculpture. Created by Turkey-based studio, Ouchhh, the cubic-like installation takes the public for a little plunge into the mystery of space, as it visualises data from NASA’s own Kepler space telescope.

Much like last year, the nine-day event will also be a host to various music performances and talk shows. Hyping up the exhibition are musicians Petra Sihombing, Mantra Vutura, Gabber Modus Operandi and Elephant Kind, among many others, set with visual installations accompanying their performances.

Each immersive piece at Wave of Tomorrow sends a message about today’s issues and hopes for the future. Stimulating and poetic at the same time, the exhibition takes new media art to new heights, enriching the contemporary art scene with innovative and thoughtful creations.


 Wave of Tomorrow is open at The Tribrata, Grand Ballroom, Jl. Darmawangsa III, South Jakarta, until 29 December 2019. For more information on the exhibition and ticketing, visit www.waveoftomorrow.id