Explore, Voyageur: An Exhibition by VOYEJ

by Manual Jakarta
3rd June 2015
To celebrate their fourth anniversary, distinguished local brand VOYEJ launched an exhibition that pays homage to the essence of travelling and maturity. Find the coverage here.

Age is not just a number. At least not for local handcrafted leather brand like VOYEJ. To them, age is not only a quintessential unit that determines someone’s adulthood, but it is also a coveted element that transforms leather goods as a whole. As leather goods age, they will develop a thin layer called patina — a symbol of the hide’s maturity.

Explore, Voyageur: An Exhibition documented personal stories of people — VOYEJ team and the brand’s customers — who have travelled around the best of places with the company of VOYEJ’s leather wallet.

Apart from stories, leather wallets belonged to the storytellers were also installed during the three-day exhibition.

We documented the exhibition for you. Explore the coverage below.