Type Directors Club (TDC) 62’s Jakarta Tour

by Beata Primana
7th September 2017
The 62nd Type Directors Club (TDC) exhibition has just wrapped up their first leg of worldwide tour in Jakarta, where it showcased typography works by designers from 47 countries.

Type Directors Club (TDC) returned to Jakarta for the first time since 2010, to kick off their Indonesian tour with typography exhibition, ‘Type Directors Club 62’. Organised by Asosiasi Desainer Grafis Indonesia (ADGI) and KUDOS Studio, the exhibit showcased works by designers from 47 countries worldwide, displaying an array of prints on different mediums under one roof.

TDC is one of the most noted and established design and typography organisations in New York. It aims to support and encourage young typographers and designers through their creative processes and aid them in expanding their knowledge of design. Every year, TDC holds two yearly competitions: typography and typeface design. The selected works from winning participants are then displayed in seven exhibits worldwide including Jakarta.

Housed in the Indonesian Design Development Centre, Jakarta, posters were displayed hanging from the high ceilings in a spiral formation. Patrons gazed up and immersed themselves in works that feature different forms, layouts and colours. In another separate room, visitors were encouraged to engage with the printed publications and mediums as they are welcomed to handle the pieces on display.

The first leg of worldwide tour in Jakarta has wrapped up on September 6th, 2017. No doubt that the exhibition has provided a splendid opportunity for design students and enthusiasts to widen their typography knowledge and its application.