Turning Point Coffee: Against the Tide

by Julius Kensan
12th January 2015
Despite being located outside of the city, Turning Point’s quality coffee and arresting interior prove that a good café can come from anywhere.

From time to time, you hear people talking about travelling out of the city just for food. That’s why it won’t be a surprise, to discover that, soon, people might start to go on a trip just for the sake of coffee.

Started by married couple, Joseph Erwin and Angeline Lauwrence, Turning Point is notably the first addition of specialty coffee café in the area of Gading Serpong.

With experience working in Market Lane Coffee (one of the celebrated cafés in Melbourne) under Angeline’s belt, it’s safe to say that the coffee is, no doubt, in good hands. In addition, Turning Point also carries beans and house blends from local micro-roasteries and cafes, such as Morph, Common Grounds and Tanamera Coffee.

Even if your companion is not as enthusiastic about coffee as you do, the establishment offers alternatives in the form of tea (Mao Feng Green Tea & Guranse Oolong Tea) and sinful cakes.

Those who prefer their coffee with plenty of sunshine will be gratified to learn that light streams in generously from the front and the back of the establishment. A solitary time is best spent on their counter seats where one is able to take a break from their activities and revel in the sight of Joseph and Angeline shuffling or pouring coffee from behind the counter.

But the pleasant surprise lays in the lanai at the back – minimalist wooden furniture, high ceiling and a long line of bamboos make you wish your backyard were this cool.

One may have to spend a considerable amount of time on the road in order to get to this establishment. But consider this as a perk instead, for what better reason is there to get out of the city other than a few cups of quality coffee and beautiful time well-spent with your beloved company?