The Long Wait for Bubur Angke THI

by Julius Kensan
6th September 2016
Getting your hands on Bubur Angke THI is definitely not an easy task. But as the throng of crowds here would attest, the establishment’s famous chicken porridge is worth going all the troubles for.

Imagine the likelihood of waiting more than fifteen minutes for a table, conversing with your companions over a cacophony of chatters as well as sweating through your t-shirt even before your meal begins. And to be clear, you’re not in an establishment that is bedecked with stars rating. But given that throng of crowds would be willing to brave through the above, it pays to just go with the flow.

From the beginning of its trading hours at 4pm, Bubur Angke THI is constantly filled with crowds streaming in and out of the place for the establishment’s famous chicken porridge. The huge tubs of steamed chickens in a corner waiting to be deboned show the intense pace that Bubur Angke THI operates in daily. Once deboned, what remains of the chicken is then utilised as stock for broth, before finding itself assimilated into the porridge.

With the absence of menu, it means choices are straightforward here. The platter of steamed chicken, drenched in generous amount of sesame oil and Chinese parsley, definitely goes well with the porridge. But you can also swap the latter with Hainanese rice or duck vermicelli. Then there are also the sides to amp up the serving, such as gizzards, fried dough (cakwe) and pig’s blood curd. If that’s still not enough, you can also choose to upsize the porridge, where it is topped up with more slices of fried dough and shredded chicken.

It’s clear that certain comforts have to be sacrificed when it comes to relishing the popular Bubur Angke THI. But given they are often sold out before the closing hours, all those discomforts are just a small price to pay. After all, when it comes to fixing a pressing craving, you’ll be surprised at the length one would undergo.