The Current of Tomorrow: Arts, Technology and Music

By Cindy Julia Tobing
18th November 2019
Last Saturday, Manual Jakarta spent the day with artists Sembilan Matahari, Kinara Darma x Modulight and Rubi Roesli/Biroe, for The Current of Tomorrow. The talk show explored the role of technology in art and music and how they utilised it to create an immersive, collective experience for this year’s Wave of Tomorrow in December.

“Don’t be paranoid about technology,” said Adi Panuntun of Sembilan Matahari, a Bandung-based multidisciplinary studio, as he kicked off the talk show last Saturday at Little League in Senopati for The Current of Tomorrow: Arts, Technology and Music. “We shouldn’t single out technology in this dichotomy of it being positive and negative. Be open to possibilities and treat it as it is.” This talk show is a special collaboration between Manual Jakarta and Wave of Tomorrow, a new media art exhibition, which will be held in December.

An apt sentiment that underlines the show’s theme on technology in art and music, Adi was joined by artists Prathama Yoga and Utari “Yayi” Intan of Kinara Darma, Rendy Iskandar of Modulight, architect Rubi Roesli/Biroe and singer Kurosuke, who also put their two cents on the subject. In the spirit of the upcoming Wave of Tomorrow, the group also teased the audience on what they will be showcasing at the exhibition.

A brigade of art-tech enthusiasts filled up the space almost immediately. In the midst of mingling, attendees can be seen admiring the interactive LED display panel that plays to one’s sensor cues whenever people pass by. A colourful slide with the words “Let’s Trade Some Love” swiftly changed to a dark and harrowing slide with the words “Do You Feel Content?”

The stimulating installation ‘Being Content’ is the work of Kinara Darma, a visualisation on how people nowadays use social media to gain validation and forget the value of physical interaction. “One of the most valuable things is getting to see our message gets across through our installations and [Wave of Tomorrow] is effective in that respect. We want to explore visuals with words and foster public’s interaction through technology,” said Utari of Kinara Darma.

Rubi Roesli/Biroe, a first-time participant at the exhibition, voiced out his excitement on what technology has offered in the related industry. “Technology has given limitless possibilities. In the architecture field, there’s 3D printing for house design projects; you can basically build anything you want.”  As for Rendy of Modulight, he was most excited about the utilisation of data in art and the widespread connectivity of social media.

When asked on what the artists will be showcasing at the upcoming Wave of Tomorrow, each individual dished out on what could be expected from their works. For Sembilan Matahari, expect something audio-driven. For Kinara Darma in collaboration with Modulight, expect a more collective and interactive installation, while for first-timer Rubi Roesli/Biroe, expect to see string art composition at its finest.

The night ended with a special performance by soloist Kurosuke crooning the audience with his warm and fuzzy set list. But amongst the thought-provoking discussion on the future of technology, Utari’s note struck a chord with the overall theme. “Today, we live in a world with no limits. Technology benefits us in this aspect. It’s all about utilising the message and using it to appreciate the little and finer things around us.”


Wave of Tomorrow is happening on the 20th-29th of December at The Tribrata, Dharmawangsa. For more info, head to