The Collaborative Spirit of ICAD XI

by Sharrona Valezka
2nd November 2021
After a year-long hiatus, ICAD returns with its 11th annual event and unveils the theme “Publik”, promoting the spirit of cross-disciplinary collaborations and amplifying the public experience through #Kemang12730.

The annual Indonesian Contemporary Art and Design event, better known as ICAD, returns for its eleventh year after a pandemic-struck hiatus. Pioneered by the Design+Art Indonesia Foundation, the event exhibits showings and installations that parade local creators’ creative interdisciplinary collaborations on fashion, art, design, film, and culinary.  

This year, ICAD XI unveils “Publik” as its main theme, shedding light on the interrelated connection between a work of art and the public audience, highlighting the importance of the latter as an essential element in the industry and a message especially resonant after the experience of a global pandemic. 

Taking place in Grandkemang Hotel, visitors can look forward to an art exhibition that weaves together a rich and captivating mix of artworks by local and international artists.

An exploration of Javanese cosmology beliefs, Nindityo Adipurno’s Mono Human Being accentuates the separation of human beings’ terrestrial and transcendental state. Despite its philosophical viewpoint, the artwork is rooted in the artist’s personal experience with loss and the grief of being unable to be present—a truth many had to endure in the past year. 

In contrast, Venny Methodos implemented a more straightforward approach to the theme with The Museum of Blah Blah Blah: a series of satirical drawings that are critical commentaries of socio-political issues. Similarly, Arahmaiani’s Mindmap is an archival compilation of her most notable works, showcasing her contributions as an activist artist that represents the public’s voice.

In addition to the exhibition, this year’s ICAD invites you to explore the neighbourhood of Kemang through its creative heartbeat. With 52 curated establishments, brands and studios, this collaboration culminates into #Kemang12730, a collective that celebrates the area’s prominence as a creative hub. With mini-exhibitions at Dia.Lo.Gue Artspace to special collaboration menus with LEMONDISCOFISH gelato parlour being a few to note, ICAD extends the celebration of creativity in all parts of Kemang. 

As ICAD reopens, this year’s grounds the idea that art is for everybody, inside or outside of creative realms. It’s not merely enough to create art but thrives when there’s an audience to witness it.

ICAD XI runs from October 21 to November 28 at Grandkemang Hotel Jakarta. The exhibition is open from Monday to Sunday with tour slots available from 10 am to 7 pm. Visitors who wish to attend the event can register on their website.