The Cat Cabin: The New Cat’s Pajamas

by Pingkan Palilingan
18th February 2015
Spending a time with pets is always a pleasure, especially during those depressing moments in one’s life. In that sense, we should doff our hats to The Cat Cabin then, for its furry feline gang provides remedy for all.

The feline namesake has probably explained a lot already, The Cat Cabin is a cat café where patrons could enjoy drinks and bites with the companion of Felis catus. The cocoon-like place houses 11 lovable cats of various breeds that are mostly adopted from animal shelters or given from their previous owners.

Owned by three cat-enthusiasts, Ayu, Tamma, and Yansen, The Cat Cabin looks after its cats as much as its customers too. The cabin is all about hygiene; upon entering guests are to take off their shoes and put on provided slippers, food preparation area is wholly separated from the cats’ area, and of course, all cats have been well-potty-trained. Patrons are also limited hourly to a maximum of 20 persons in the room, allowing the cats to feel at ease.

Finding The Cat Cabin is a bit tricky, but once arriving one would be very much satisfied. Although painted in drab, the cabin is beyond homey with personal touches like pillows, books (of mostly, Cats 101), and photo frames, sprawling across the small rectangular room. Drawing the spotlights is the Cat Jungle Gym Tree, located in the middle of the room, which is a particular favourite of Tomo, the eldest Persian around.

One thing for sure, you might want to keep an eye on your meal. Guests might not notice, but it’s under constant surveillance of the furry inhabitants’ prowling eyes.  However, instead of defending the nosh will all one’s might, what usually happened people were just letting out a long sigh of “Aaaw”, admiring the endearing ways of a cat.