Supermarket Things We Love

by Julius Kensan
15th July 2015
Apart from chasing deadlines, one of the most constant activities Manual team does is snacking. Here, we list down favourite supermarket products that the team loves to snack on daily.

One thing everyone in Manual team has in common is snacking snacks. And other than office, the second spot we spent the most time in is the endless aisles of supermarket. Here, we share with you just what the team has been nibbling on between meals or when we just have had enough of staring at the screen for hours.


Hadi Ismanto – Haw Flakes

I am not usually a snack person but really, who can resist them? I usually go for the sinful chips or sweets. However, the one snack that doesn’t leave me ridden with that much guilt is this all-time favourite childhood snack, the addictive, sweet and light Haw Flakes.

Be it while working in the office or stuck in Jakarta’s traffic, warm or chilly weather, Melbourne or Jakarta, it’s an enjoyable snack enjoyable for every occasion. Maybe it’s the childhood reminiscences at play here but there won’t be any time where I would say no when these flakes are offered.


Julius Kensan – Edamame

My diet usually leans towards the side of a hardcore carnivore. As such, I prefer to swap dessert for something lighter and easy on my stomach, since I generally have an aversion towards sweet stuffs. That’s why, thank God for Edamame. And luckily for me, it’s so easy to prepare. Chuck them in boiling water for less than ten minutes and it’s done!

I typically toss them with a few pinch of salt and then wash them down with a glass of hot green tea. Edamame has been my constant companion whenever I stay up late at night re-watching episodes of Golden Girls. And I genuinely hope this relationship will continue to last.


Celsy Sabilla – Popcorn

People generally associate popcorn with movie at the cinema but enjoying it with my favourite movie or TV series (currently loving Broad City!) at home is a much better combination.

I’m a huge fan with anything that is sweet. And that applies to my popcorn as well (my favourite flavour includes caramel and marshmallow). What gets me excited is the buttery smell wafting out from the microwave as it pops inside. I’m always struck with guilt after consuming them. Still, all it takes is passing these popcorns in the supermarket’s aisle and the cycle automatically repeats itself again.


Liandro Siringoringo – Peanuts

Of all nuts, Kacang Telur Medan is my favourite. As a photographer or back when I was still an undergrad (a time when I spent most of my time watching Top Gear), peanuts or any kind of nuts are the easiest snack I could get my hands on.

Now with plenty of time spent photographing and editing in front of the computer, peanuts plus a cup of cold latte are easily some of those things that could instantly bequeath me with simple pleasure when things get too stressful.


Cindy A. Robinson – Sweet Potato

One of my mother’s favourite foods to make for teatime since I was little is sweet potato. Not only are sweet potatoes readily available anytime of the year, they are also healthy and delicious. Plus, they don’t take a long time to prepare. Thus, I gradually develop a penchant for sweet potato just like my mother.


Pingkan Palilingan – Wafer Sticks

I’m not one of those kinds of people who depend their lives on snacks. I rarely buy snacks for my own pleasure. Those who plan to loot my fridge would be extremely disappointed – cause I really have nothing inside other than milk, juice and rotten apples!

But that was the era before my problematic growling stomach, which have caused me to store snacks in every nook and cranny of my house and bags (cookie crumbs, wrappers and crushed chocolate are the usual scenes you’d find in my bag). I eventually find refuge under wafer sticks’ care. It’s the easiest, unfussiest and least messy option every time my tummy starts swearing.


Renaldy Fernando – Tea

Drinking tea is a daily habit fostered since I was in elementary school – a glass of warm tea before school and a glass of ice tea after school. Luckily for me, tea has since come in convenient portable packaging and I can easily tag it along with me everywhere I go.

I can drink up to three to four glasses of tea a day, whether it’s in the form of tea bags, bottled or canned. As such, a day without tea is absolutely unimaginable for me.