The Sunday Farmers’ Market by Potato Head

by Manual Jakarta
26th October 2015
Pumpkins and more pumpkins. The Pumpkin Patch, Potato Head's Sunday farmers' market, was a celebration for the autumn season and on top of that, our country's local farmers. Here's a round-up of what happened on Sunday.

Autumn arrived at Potato Head last week in the one-day only Sunday Farmers’ Market. The Pumpkin Patch, the theme for this month’s Sunday Farmers’ Market, brought together food artisans and local farmers into this family-friendly market – a different approach made by Potato Head who’s renowned for hosting late night party events.

Aside from shopping organic and fresh produce, visitors got the chance to experience autumn-related activities such as “harvesting” locally grown organic pumpkins from a mock-pumpkin patch, pumpkin painting class for kids and pre-Halloween dress up competition. The market was a real blast and thanks to it, we could at least experience what autumn feels like in this tropical country.

Scroll down to view photos from the event.