A Session with HiddenPark: The Green Escape

by Raina Salim
13th October 2015
In an attempt to rediscover our love for open-air outings, we band together with the HiddenPark team in selecting three obscure parks in Jakarta, where you could actually skateboard as well as have a picnic with your loved ones.

Jakarta is definitely not known for its greenery and lavish parks. Especially with the expansion of infrastructure development and the ongoing construction of Jakarta’s very first Mass Rapid Transport underway, it’s not surprising that this city doesn’t have enough green space as the source of oxygen for its citizen.

Unfortunately, the aforementioned problem has caused a large percentage of locals to limit their interaction with the world beyond the comfort of air-conditioned rooms.

To solve that problem, we collaborated with HiddenPark team to come up with a list of parks to help you getting re-acquainted with the outdoors. An initiative to promote and revitalise Jakarta’s green open spaces, Hidden Park plans, creates, and manages activities in parks and utilise them to each of its full potential.

Our green picks would make for a long overdue change of scenery and an excellent year-round escape when the city life gets too much for you. Best of all, you won’t have to shed a single note off your wallet. Oh what a welcome change that is.



Taman Langsat

It doesn’t come as a surprise if you’ve passed Jalan Barito countless times and not realised that the space behind your much-loved row of street vendors is home to the park identified as Taman Langsat.

Possibly the largest one on our list, the park and its greenery makes for a wonderful contrast to its business perimeter and market surrounding. Here, one can take a few moments respite from work and enjoy simple activities like flying a kite or taking an afternoon stroll or jog.

On some days you can also witness Jakarta’s very own Komunitas Lempar Pisau (Knife Throwing Group) practice and sharpen their skills. A group of students can be seen taking turns throwing a varied set of knives, all aiming for several wooden targets placed a few meters away.

As the weather has been scorching hot of late, it is definitely a reason to be thankful that the park is generously endowed with large trees where one can take shelter under. Bookworms can also take particular pleasure in lounging underneath the shades and absorbing themselves with a good read, while the green fields encourage children to play.


 Jl. Langsat No.1, Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan 12130


Taman Honda

Originally built with the core idea to contribute to a healthier and better Jakarta, Taman Honda in Tebet features a badminton court, a bridge that leads to a sprawling green field with an exercise area and a children’s playground placed on opposite sides.

With its varied set of facilities, park-goers are given ample choice to decide on how to spend their time. This enables the park to slowly but surely cementing itself as the go-to place when looking to engage in an active recreation. Remember to take with you a pair of sneakers and an extra change of clothes, because the football field and jogging track are the park’s highlights.

If you’re not one for sports, the park is also a home to an extensive outdoor space that commends family to lounge about and while away their afternoons, possibly with a delightful picnic. You can also expect to see groups of people participating in early morning yoga, aerobic, or other similarly health-boosting pursuits.

Be smart when deciding the hour of your visit. If you’re lucky, you might be rewarded with some light breeze to balance out the intensity of Jakarta’s heat.


Jl. Tebet Barat Raya No.41, Tebet,  Jakarta Selatan 12810 


Taman Kodok 

Parked right next to the famed Taman Menteng, it is unfortunate that visitors often come across Taman Kodok as a mere extension of the former. But don’t mistake its small size as less accommodating, for this park has done its fair job of serving as a public space for the residents of Central Jakarta.

Though small, Taman Kodok provides a room for tranquility that is arguably hard to come by in the city where one can pick a spot or nab one of the benches to simply take in the view and enjoy quiet moments alone.

There you can also grab a light snack from nearby street vendors before taking your pet out for a walk while partaking in an afternoon stroll, allowing you to kill two birds with one stone.

Admittedly there’s not a great deal to do here, but it’s the sense of familiarity, rather than its attractions, that keeps people coming back time and again.


Jalan Sidoarjo, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310