Say It with Flowers

by Julius Kensan
13th February 2014
A colourful guide on giving the right colours of flower that best represent your heart on Valentine's Day.

Flowers will always be associated with Valentine’s Day. How else can you better express the atmosphere and token of love better than flowers itself? But, don’t just stop at flowers itself for the colours, which contain meanings behind it, play a huge part as well. Here, we highlight some of the meaning of colours so as to better express your feelings on this beautiful occasion.



The most conventional colour yet also probably one that says the most. Red means passion and undying love. Red also represent the colour that is closest to your heart. As such, giving red flowers sends a clear message of passionate romantic love.



Pink flowers capture the innocence, playfulness and thoughtfulness. They might not be as fiery as red but serves as a alternative to the usual red flowers. So, if your love is build on an easy going, playful romance, then pink is it.



Yellow is the closest colour to the sun. Thus, it is the colour that represent warmth, radiants and compassion. For those couple who are just starting out on the journey love, yellow is a good alternative representation. Not to mention, yellow flowers also make a great gift for your friends on Valentine’s Day as well.



White is the colour that closely associated with purity and elegance. This is why the colour white plays a huge part when it comes to wedding. White also communicates thoughtful love and fidelity to the other party. As such, white flowers are best for couple who have been together an extended time and are committed to a long lasting relationship.



Purple is the colour of royalty, charm and grace. It is also the best alternative to red flowers due to its deep hue. So, if you treat and love your partner like royalty and it is indisputable to go with purple colour for this Valentine’s Day for a strong romantic impression.


Of course, a human heart is capable of mixed emotions. Sometimes one colour is not enough to convey the complexity of feelings and passion to your love one. If that’s the case, mixed it up by combining different colours of flower to best represent your heart. Some guys may not be able to communicate exactly how he feels on this occasion. But rather than telling it through your mouth, convey it through your heart. Say it with flowers.