Salero Ajo’s Streetside Zest

by Rachel Saputro
23rd July 2014
Sate Salero Ajo's satays and their famous sauce easily won over the hearts (and tastebuds) of Jakarta citizens.

When Benz & BMWs line the space in front of a humble street food joint, then there is surely a pull to the stall that’s worth a try.

A trait shared by most street food vendors, Sate Padang Salero Ajo specialises in one main specialty dish. With fragrant banana leaf that serves as a base, the diced beef satay is served on top of a bed of lontong (rice cakes). The spicy and warm, cream sauce – Salero Ajo’s trademark – is generously poured over the sate

Although simple in appearance, Salero Ajo has become a familiar name to sate padang lovers since its opening in January 2008. Salero Ajo begins serving customers from five in the afternoon, up until midnight. Patrons often bring home bag fulls of Salero Ajo’s spicy sauce. Different parts of beef, such as tongue, heart and intestines are also available.

The stall is housed under a modest tent. Here, customers enjoy this spice-infused dish with the heat of Jakarta complementing the authentic street-side food experience.