REMOTELY: Work(out) From Home

By Hana Oktavia A.
1st April 2020
Break the sweat at home with workout routines you can follow alone. But amidst the multitude of videos you can find, these recommendations from trainers and representatives at MOOD, F45 Jakarta, Breathe Studio and The Golden Space Indonesia will ease the search for a productive workout.

In our effort to make social distancing less monotonous, REMOTELY is a special series from Manual Jakarta where we roll out comforting and practical articles to keep you company and motivated during this period of self-isolation.

Being forced to stay at home is not a reason to stay idle, for, pandemic or not, the body and mind will still need their fair share of physical activity to remain healthy and stimulated. In compensation for postponing that gym class you swore by or the myriad of activities one used to partake in the pre-self-isolation period, we have compiled four videos of different workouts to keep you healthy and connected with your body.

Recommended by our friends at MOOD, Breathe Studio, F45 Jakarta and The Golden Space Indonesia, pick your favourite exercise for an early prep-up before the busy hours in front of your laptop or to release that day’s tension before you hit the bed and call it a night. If we were to suggest, why not challenge yourself with shifting between these different exercises while you have a handful of spare time at home? Who knows when you will ever have it again.


  1. Sequence to Splits


“The video is only 45 minutes long in total, which is great because you tend to have a shorter attention span when you’re working out at home. Although a full split can seem a little intimidating, it can actually be broken down into small steps that you can easily work on by yourself. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up doing a full split before your self-quarantine ends!”

-Raja Nadhira, yoga teacher from MOOD Wellness Studio and Kitchen.


  2. How To: Burpee 

“The video clearly tells you how to do burpees. Burpees are a perfect workout for beginners because it will help you build strength everywhere in the body; every rep will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes and entire upper body muscle parts. Another great fact, burpees help burn high calories and require no equipment.”

-Teddy Sentosa, trainer from F45 Jakarta.


  3. Lean Leg & Core Pilates At Home

“The movements are easy to follow, basic but effective (a.k.a you’ll get the burn!) The instructor’s great energy also makes this workout extra fun and easy to go through.”

-Ayu Amandari, pilates instructor from Breathe Studio.


4. Meditation

“Going into stillness and connecting with yourself through meditation is a powerful way to help you stay calm and mindful in this current situation. It helps you overcome anxiety and boosts your immune system as well, keeping you healthy and positive in facing uncertainties. Check out this video by Talita Setyadi for guidance on how to meditate at home.”

-Helena Abidin, Corporate Director of The Golden Space Indonesia.