REMOTELY: From Home with Museum MACAN

By Cindy Julia Tobing
20th March 2020
In a special series of REMOTELY, we ask our friends at Museum MACAN for a list of art videos to watch during this self-isolation period. For those looking for a deep dive or simply seeking an entryway into the art scene, here are some picks to enrich your art-watching experience at home.

In our effort to make social distancing less monotonous, REMOTELY is a special series from Manual Jakarta where we roll out comforting and practical articles to keep you company and motivated during this period of self-isolation.

Many lifestyle and cultural establishments have closed their doors in light of the alarming spread of COVID-19. From New York’s The Metropolitan Museum of Art to France’s Musee du Louvre, a collective effort is made to “flatten the curve” of infections around the world. Over in Jakarta, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nusantara (Museum MACAN) also took upon the same effort. While this may not be an ideal situation for museum frequenters, there are still ways to enjoy the arts at the comfort of one’s home. 

We ask our friends at Museum MACAN for their suggestions on art videos to indulge in. For those who want to deep dive into the art world or simply seeking an entryway into it, these contents will make your spare time (or work-from-home breaks) an enlightening one. 


1. At the Museum by MoMA

The documentary by MoMA provides rare insight into the behind-the-scenes process, from developing the idea to how the exhibition engages with the public. Every exhibition is an extensive transdisciplinary work that involves many professions and looking at how everyone plays their part is inspiring.” 

– Ady Nugeraha, Assistant Curator.


2. Art Documentaries

“This series compiles quality art documentaries that answer burgeoning questions we might have about art, “what do artists do all day?” and “what makes art valuable?” for a start. Through this channel, we get the answers from familiar faces in the art including Tracey Emin and Antony Gormley.”

– Dian Ina Mahendra, Head of Exhibitions


3. Nerdwriter1

“This series by the Nerdwriter1 discusses interesting issues in art, movies and pop culture at large. Each video is based on an intriguing statement, for example “How to Understand a Picasso” and “Van Gogh’s Ugliest Masterpiece”, which lures the viewers into a suspenseful, intense and insightful explanation.”

– Kartika Larasati, Individual Donors


4. Art21 

“A great entry point for those looking to understand the world of art and artists. A recommended channel for many art students around the world, Art21 provides an understanding of the artistic process, the way an artist’s mind works and how an artist makes it in the industry, through engaging docu-series.”

– Esther Sadeli, Marketing Manager


5. IndoArtNow 

“An inspiring channel for art students, aspiring artists and those interested in art. I pick the above video because the artists can explain their works and concepts in a clear manner. Plus, they include valuable insights from studio visits and highlights from the artist’s early works.” (Other suggested artists: Titarubi and Octora)

– Reza Zefanya, Digital Coordinator


6. Baumgartner Restoration

“This channel is enlightening as it takes viewers to the behind-the-scenes of artwork conservation and restoration—both of which are usually kept out of the public eye. Watching this video series, I get to know why paintings deteriorate (besides from the natural process of aging or human interruption, such as hand contact). It also shows how time-consuming and complicated conservation is, so it indirectly teaches me that we should appreciate artists, artworks, and institutions like museums who conserve the works.”

– Nathanael Galuh, Education and Public Programs Staff


7. Ted-Ed Kids

“As a member of the museum’s Education team, one of our main audiences are children. Watching Ted-Ed Kids helps me understand the way kids think and the ways to communicate with them about art. This particular playlist, The Artist’s Palette, uses lively animation to help simplify even the most complicated art phenomena.”

– Renjana Widyakirana, Education and Public Programs Coordinator


8. Museum MACAN

“A good place to learn different facets of modern and contemporary art: Museum MACAN’s very own Youtube channel. From performance art, a glimpse of MACAN’s collection, to different forms of contemporary art and ways to engage with them – you know it’s just a click away.”

– Edo Girardi, Head of Design