Raja Durian Cafe: Durian for All Seasons

by Julius Kensan
19th September 2014
Thanks to Raja Durian Café, you don’t have to worry even if your unexplainable cravings for durian set in during the off-season.

Among the vast family of fruits, none of them is able to command an extreme bipolar reaction the way a durian can. To those who enjoy it, durian’s rich, aromatic and thick flesh is something to relish in. While for those on the other side of the ring, they are just plain awful.

And there are definitely no lack of durians, especially in the North and West of Jakarta, where it is sold along the main road in modest roadside stalls. But the downside of those street stalls is that they are susceptible to season. It is unlikely to find them during the off-season.

Fortunately, there’s Raja Durian Café. This establishment is permanently located among the row of shophouses in the district of Sunter. Once in, you’ll be greeted immediately with the unmistakable scent of durian that drifts freely throughout the shop. Though Raja Durian Café is not affected by the off-season, the types of durian differ from time to time – sometimes from Thailand and at times from other provinces, such as Medan.

Here, the cost is fixed per kilogram, which saves your time from haggling for the right price. All you have to do is just inform the staffs of your preferred taste: sweet or bitter. And the great thing is, you’re allowed to exchange them for a new one if the taste turns out to be different from your liking.

Getting here can be quite a hassle, but when unexplainable cravings for durian set in, distance is a small price to pay.