Plewo Doi: Introducing Sikka’s Culture

by Manual Jakarta
26th May 2015
Plewo Doi, an exhibition by Dia.Lo.Gue and Noesa, set forth a memorable introduction on one of Indonesia's treasured cultural insignia, tenun ikat. We've compiled the highlights of this last week's event for you.

Indonesia has so many cultural heritage that are yet to be explored. Although some of this heritage have been dug out by caring citizens, the said treasure of our Mother Land still goes underappreciated.

To prevent such incident, Dia.Lo.Gue collaborated with Noesa through their latest exhibition, Plewo Doi. Plewo Doi, which means “to introduce” in Sikka’s local dialect, aims to reintroduce Sikka’s (a regency in East Nusa Tenggara) cultural token in its truest form: tenun ikat. Tenun ikat is a type of handwoven textile that requires rigorous process behind its making.

Apart from presenting varieties of tenun ikat, the exhibition also held a public class to educate visitors about this type of textile as well as the tie-dye colouring process of the fabric. View the coverage below.