Sari Sanjaya: House of Pempek

by Julius Kensan
29th April 2014
With varieties of Pempek under one roof, Pempek Sari Sanjaya remains as one of the indisputable establishments to get your Pempek craving fixed in Jakarta.

By now, Pempek is undoubtedly one of the most common household dishes in Indonesia. Originated from Palembang, these fried savoury fishcakes are considered as one of the most popular street foods of all time.

While it is not hard to find Pempek hawkers in Jakarta, it is almost a test to be able to find a vendor that houses all different types of Pempek under one roof. Pempek Sari Sanjaya, as the name indicates, is famous for one thing – Pempek. Not that they have to worry about diversifying their food selections, for their strength lies in serving up varieties of Pempek.

Pempek Selam (Submarine Pempek) – chicken egg wrapped within the pempek dough, Pempek Lenjer – long, sausage-like Pempek, or Pempek Keriting (Curly Pempek) – Noodle-like Pempek is made into small noodle ball, you name it. The establishment also boasts grilled Pempek, for those who wish to opt for a change from the usual fried Pempek. But for a more complete meal, patrons are able to accompany the Pempek with other dishes like steamed fish, fish ball soup and otak-otak.

So if you ever find yourself craving for a fix of Pempek, you know where to go.