A Chirpy Market in the South

by Julius Kensan
20th November 2013
Sick of the usual malls? Try out Pasar Burung Barito for an alternative.

Jakarta is not exactly a friendly place to get around, thanks to its notorious traffic. A supposedly 15 minutes ride, as predicted by Google Map, could very well stretch out to an hour of trying and arduous trip. Nonetheless, patience is the key here.

Situated in the northwest of South Jakarta, Barito Street is an unlikely harvest of such patience. But it is this unlikeliness that makes it so compelling. Along the stretch of the street, lies a roadside market. Still, it is not just any ordinary market. Sure, there are fruit stalls but what makes it stick out is the good deal of stalls with animals that you can bring home as pets.

There is no need for any big signs to indicate that you’ve arrived. This is because you’ll be greeted with deafening chirp from different kinds of feathered friend instead. Though the market often goes by Pasar Burung Barito (Barito Bird Market), don’t be surprised to find rabbits, cats and even snakes in the mix. Turn up at the right time and you’ll be able to observe the stall owners feeding the animals or occasionally let them out of their confinement for grooming.

If you’re tired of reading books or comments on the Internet on how to take care of your pets, why not strike up a chat with one of the stall owners? The same goes to those who are looking to get a pet but unsure of how to care for their needs. You’re most likely to go home with practical tips.

Still, no matter what your reason is to be here, Pasar Burung Barito provides a fascinating relief to the usual lineup bland malls. If you find yourself wandering aimlessly from store to store, perhaps a change of scenery will introduce a new enlightening perspective of Jakarta.