Inside ONNI House

by Pingkan Palilingan
29th June 2018
A restaurant, flower studio and retail shop - ONNI House is a distinctive new resident that presents a delightful dining-shopping experience in the subdistrict of Grogol Petamburan.

Aside from mega-malls and university campuses, the area of Grogol Petamburan in West Jakarta isn’t exactly the type of place where one could easily spot a standalone lifestyle establishment. Thankfully, ONNI House has just arrived. An establishment by ONNI Flower Studio, ONNI House sticks out like a sore thumb as it’s the first of its kind in the neighbourhood.

Imagine a combination of flower studio, restaurant and a shop. That’s exactly what ONNI House is; a concept store that merges the three, aiming to produce a seamless experience between shopping and dining in an establishment that resembles a house.

One may throw a guess that ONNI House serves Western-style brunch, judging from the rising popularity of this menu. Yet, they rely on easy Indonesian, Asian and Western cuisine that suits easily with local palate. Though burgers, chicken wings and pasta make a presence in the menu, still, nothing beats the popularity of their local dish options. Food like Nasi Iga Bakar Maranggi and Gado-Gado will do well with those seeking Indonesian taste. Or tuck into the sought-after Beef Rice Bulgogi that comes with soft poached egg and Japanese fried rice.

At ONNI House, it’s very hard to resist the temptation of leaving your table for a quick visit to the shop, especially while waiting for your food and drinks to arrive. Located near the entrance, the shop stocks an assortment of objects from local and overseas. There are household objects like rattan baskets and candles on display, down to detailed handmade gifts like ceramic spoons and greeting cards. As you browse around, you will find items from familiar local makers, such as notebooks by Wake and Wander and handmade candles by Kaminari.

Amidst all these features, ONNI House hasn’t forgotten its root as a flower artist of course. Just cast your gaze at the amount of colourful blooms adorning the establishment, that doubles as a portfolio for their flower studio. Interested to take some of them home? Make your way to the florist where you can get fresh bouquet arrangements for your special occasion. Some, such as pre-arranged dried flowers, are even available at the shop too.

ONNI House presents a different kind of experience in an area that’s bereft of non-mall entertainments.   If you’re looking for a change of scene, here’s a decent excuse to head West-bound.