Onethirteen’s Powerful Stride in Cycling

Erdira Wirengjurit
9th December 2020
Onethirteen is the epicentre of Jakarta's cycling community who has taken over the city in a powerful stride. Located in Senopati, this one-stop store carries the finest gears in their gallery that doubles as the cycling community's gathering point.

At the break of dawn, a different breed of early birds has been flocking the streets of the city in their two-wheels. In their apparel—tight short suits, funky “front-heeled” shoes, sleek carbon-fibre helmets and specs—they tour the city in large groups on similarly striking road bikes. These cyclists’ meeting point? It was most likely the community hub-slash-bike store in the heart of Senopati, Onethirteen Live.

The hub at Onethirteen is the one-stop store for hobbyists looking for the finest cycling gears in the market. Whether you’re a newcomer or a cycling athlete, their impressive repertoire of gears will astound. From fine Italian frames by Pinarello to rear derailleurs by Ceramicspeed, the store boasts all the necessities of the hobby down to its minute details. Adding on to the list, they carry some of the finest name brands of the cycling world: Sarto Frames, Vadolibero, Campagnolo, Universal Colours, DLkiller, Lightweight, Sweet Protection and KASK just to name a few more.

With experts at the helm, your spree will be in the hands of avid hobbyists as your advisors. At the storefront, find the workshop where the pros themselves will mount your bike with the gears you just splurged on. At the back, Onethirteen offers cycling sessions as add-on services to improve your skills and endurance with the mentorship of expert cyclers in the community, which includes national champions Admadi Puguh, Reno Yudho and world champion Santia Tri Kusuma.

The professional and seasoned will be right at home in this cycling paradise. But as a newcomer, getting lost in the jargon of this universe will be redeemed by learning the intricacies of this hobby, especially if you’ve been wondering about the hype that surrounds the new trend that took the city in one powerful stride over the past few months.

In the wake of trends, biking has been leading the curve among urban dwellers. Its rise might seem like an eventuality of the pandemic, but true cyclists know that the love for the hobby cannot be devised, especially after knowing the astronomical cost of building a neat bike. Among the many reasons this hobby emerges so prominently in Jakarta, perhaps it’s due to the nature of this activity that cradles large groups of like-minded aficionados who’ll push their peers to break their own cycling records. At Onethirteen, this is the kind of companionship they offer, on top of the downright cool gears they store.