One-stop Shopping at Lewi’s Organics

By Hana Oktavia A.
11th November 2020
With the mission to empower local farmers and artisans, the lush Lewi’s Organics in Bintaro is all about sustaining a conscious shopping experience through their catalogue of locally sourced products that stretch from organic snacks, handicrafts to potted leaves.

An hour away from Jakarta’s urban sprawl is Lewi’s Organics, a retail space slash coffee house concealed in suburban Bintaro. The retail, which only launched in August, is swift to lure comers with their sweeping line-up of organically grown produce and handcrafted keepsakes by local artisans to support small local businesses. 

The shop also introduces Lewi’s Organics’ own brand, an offspring to giant producer and distributor of organic goods Profil Mitra Abadi (PMA) founded by Lewi Cuaca and Elsje Mansula. Initiated with the objective to foster Indonesia’s agricultural heritage and local farmers, the husband-and-wife activated Lewi’s Organics as a premium brand that offers all-natural products that would ginger up anyone’s pantry.

Their philosophy, which champions environmentally-friendly approach to favour our abundant nature, is projected in their lush compound. Apart from the potted greens, wooden furniture ethically produced by the local communities in East Nusa Tenggara can also be found in the petite shop alongside a variety of traditional crafts like Sumba’s hand-woven fabrics and home accessories created in Jogja.

The list, which mostly consists of homeware crafts and organic food, is all-embracing. As for the latter, healthy snacks like dried fruit chips and lontar nectar are the shop’s favourite. Additionally, the rest of their produce will easily entice one for a grocery spree: from raw foods like organic rice, herbs and spices to local peanuts (processed and selected in their neighbouring built-in lab), Lewi’s Organics makes the case for a congenial grocery stop.

Elsewhere, Lewi’s Organics’ little jungle is synonymous with a house plants galore. With their own plant nursery at their private rooftop garden, any plant-parent will be tempted to adopt yet another terracotta-potted baby. 

It’s a one-of-a-kind shopping (or window-shopping) experience for the lifestyle buffs, especially if crafts and organic pantry staples are your cup of tea. Through bringing in our nature’s best, Lewi’s Organics successfully maintains a sustainability-oriented workforce and community with the local crafters and food producers across the archipelago. Beyond a retail space, anyone is welcomed to visit their lush home for a sharing session over coffee with the folks from Lewi’s Organics, making the long drive to Tangerang even more worthwhile.