A Look into OMAH Library

by Elizabeth Sihombing
19th February 2020
A look into OMAH Library, the self-funded facility by RAW Architecture provides a place for students and professionals with a thirst for architecture and design, to hone and ever-expand their knowledge via a vast collection of books and even seminars for the like-minded of this field.

In the age of clicks, a trip to the library may seem like a foreign concept, but there’s something about the said place that can spark creativity like nowhere else. Hidden at Taman Villa Meruya hoping to jumpstart that spark is OMAH Library, a quiet sanctuary that carves a space for designers and architects by bringing more than books. 

A first of its kind, the library was created by Realrich Sajarief, the founder of RAW Architecture, of his own desire to gather with colleagues beyond the coffee shops and workplaces. What birthed is a library with tomes and volumes of architecture books collected from the circle of friends and colleagues in the founder’s residential compound that houses his firm as well. OMAH has been through a lot of changes, but the vision of the library has always stayed the same: to help future generations of architects grow their skills and for professionals to master their careers.  

For the small space that it actually is, the figurative grandeur of OMAH Library doesn’t compare. The space is halved into two levels, the first story filled with rows of books and tables where one can research, study and co-work, while the second floor boasts a snug atmosphere with a couch and pillows among the stacks for a quiet space. 

Though the sleek and industrial-like design seems impersonal, natural light softens the ambiance. Begone of rigid lines, the affinity for curved design gives the space a natural and effortless flow, world’s away from the typical library one would imagine. Artificial lighting is kept at minimal, yet the interior remains bright from the sunlight that enters through the circular window. 

Though it is open to the public, visitors must kindly announce their presence before planning a visit. Borrowing books from the library is unfortunately prohibited, but Realrich has found a loophole by creating his own publication house and publish architecture books with his peers of the industry.

Visitors can borrow OMAH Library’s collection of in-house volumes or purchase them. Beyond the tomes, they host free seminars led by prominent architects, giving way to friendly sharing sessions and exchange of ideas. There’s also a book club to partake if you fancy a fun literary discourse with the like-minded. 

Though privately-owned, facilities like OMAH Library are evermore essential to cultivate a generation of creatives and intellectuals, so we make do with the things we are given and OMAH Library is one more door of opportunities that opened up for young aspiring architects.



OMAH Library 

RT.002/RW.010, Karang Mulya, Karang Tengah, Tangerang City, Banten 15157

Operating Hours: 

Monday: 1pm-4pm

Tuesday – Sunday: 9am-4pm