Journey of Nomadic Traveler

by Sandy Indahsari
12th September 2017
Celebrating the art of nomadism and mobility, Nomadic Traveler exhibition is back for the fifth time in exploring the idea of travel through contemporary art with Korean and Indonesian artists. 

Back again for the fifth time, Nomadic Traveler is a Korea-Indonesia Media Art Exhibition that is currently taking place in Edwin’s Gallery, Kemang. Part of Korean Festival 2017, an event that aims to promote Korean culture and to strengthen the ties between Republic of Korea and Indonesia, Nomadic Traveler explores the topic of nomadism through art.

Upon entering the exhibit, visitors are invited to explore the idea of mobile living. As constant relocation becomes the new norm, everyone has their own definition of home. Eight Indonesian and Korean artists showcase their nomadic tendencies that explore identity, historical and culture through mediums such as painting, sculpture and video: F.X. Harsono, Julia Sarisetiati, Lee Hansu, Lee sang Hyun, Lee Wan, Moon Hyungmin, Venzha Christ and Zico Albaiquni.

An installation by F.X. Harsono called Journey to the Past/Migration shows a boat filled with praying candles being pushed by stacks of alphabetical letters. With a chair sitting safely from the distant, it represents the misshape journey of the Chinese immigrants as they seek a better future in Indonesia. Zico Albaiquni’s work focuses more on the farming and agriculture scene in Bandung. How being turned into recreational areas affected the landscapes, and local communities at the site. Either to respect the past and making acknowledgment of the present, these artists aren’t afraid to speak their mind.

Nomadic Traveler is open for public until September 17, 2017 from Monday to Saturday at 9am-6pm and Sunday from midday-6pm at Edwin’s Gallery. Free tour by the curators are available at allocated dates and times. For more information, visit