Noice Fest 2017

by Sandy Indahsari
27th November 2017
Held in a two-story carpark in Kuningan City, Noice Fest brought international and local acts such as Rhye, Alina Baraz and Dipha Barus for a two-day music festival.

Last Thursday and Friday, Noice Fest held a two-day music festival in Kuningan City. In a two-story carpark, the inaugural event brought international acts such as Rhye, Alina Baraz and The Paper Kites. Aside from overseas performers, Dipha Barus, Kimokal, Stars & Rabbit and Diskoria were some of the local acts that appeared on stage. Separated into two stages: A Sound Stage and A Noice Stage, artists performed their popular hits to the dancing crowd, who unwound themselves after a long day of work. Those who prefer to rest while waiting for their favourite acts were able to retreat to silent cinema corner with movies provided by Kinosaurus and Kolektif during the span of the festival.