Martabakku Menteng’s Sweet Pleasure

by Julius Kensan
23rd October 2015
With flavours like red velvet, black sesame, taro and pandan to team with various combinations of toppings, Martabakku Menteng proves that the adoration for martabak runs deep.

Despite the disadvantageous calories that martabak packs, the reputation of this well-beloved item of food is still in top forms. It is evident in martabak establishments like Martabakku Menteng where if it is not crowded with martabak enthusiasts, it is very likely to be filled with Go-Jeks battling the long line to procure a few boxes for, who else, the martabak enthusiasts.

It is not hard to see why. In Martabakku Menteng, the pancakes itself come in various flavours and colours. There is velvet martabak in red, sesame martabak in black and taro martabak in purple. Those colours alone would easily pique anyone’s interest or curiosity. Plus the various combinations of toppings (cheese, nuts, Skippy, Nutella and Cadbury to name a few), there is definitely something to satisfy even the most jaded sweet tooth here.

If the flavours above are too sweet, you might want to opt for the “Dynamic Duo”, where the martabaks consist of original flavour on top and Pandan flavour at the bottom that are most likely to be favoured by those who are not so used to the saccharine treat.

In this age of health bar, cold-pressed juice and organic food, the continuous popularity of martabak shows that sinful cravings easily trump all justifications.