Martabak, Boss?

by Julius Kensan
11th April 2014
Housed in a remodelled ship container, humble martabak gets an interesting makeover in Martabak Boss through simple experimentation of size and flavour.

It is an undisputable fact that street food is an integral element of Indonesia’s culture. But what makes a street food, street food? Is it the food or the medium that it is sold in? Located in Menteng, the name Martabak Boss may bring to mind the classic Indonesian Pancake – a perennially favourite of Indonesians, sold on the street side by food hawker. While Martabak is still the highlight here, but it is the approach that sets Martabak Boss apart from the rest.

Firstly, instead of a stall, the martabak is sold in a modest booth that is made and remodelled from a ship container. The use of latter has a surprising quality of a food truck even though it is immobile. Still, not to be outshined, the martabak is no doubt the drawcard, which comes in various sizes and flavours.

Popular flavours like Toblerone chocolate and Skippy peanut butter are no-brainer, but Martabak Boss also offers other exciting tastes such as durian and corned curry. Here, the martabak comes in three different sizes: “Tebel” (Original), “Tikar” (Thin Crust) and “Mini”. Those who are unable resist martabak while still hoping to keep the calories in check will do well to opt for “Tikar” – a thin martabak that resembles a thin-crusted pizza. Otherwise, “Mini” – a smaller version of “Tebel”, is ideal for an after-meal indulgence.

By thinking outside of the box and a little experimentation, Martabak Boss shows just how diversified simple martabak can be. And so, the presence of Martabak Boss is no doubt an exciting addition to the ever-growing Jakarta’s street food scene.