Martabak Boss 2.0

by Julius Kensan
14th October 2014
The popular Martabak Boss from Menteng has finally set its foot in the south!

With the success of the popular Martabak Boss in Menteng, it is no surprise that a new outlet will soon follow up. Located in Panglima Polim Street, the new Martabak Boss location may seem odd at first but in actuality, it blends in very well with the youthful disposition of the area. After all, this is the area where cool hangout places like Mama Goose, Woodpecker and Maris reside.

As with any new young startups, traditional rules are thrown out in favour of innovations. Here, expect eclectic toppings such as pineapple tart and Kit Kat Green Tea served with original or pandan flavoured base. Like the Martabak Boss in Menteng, the new outlet also offers the options of Tebal (original) and Tikar (thin-crust). While Tikar may provide less calories, no one probably head to Martabak Boss with diet in his/her mind. So why not cut the misery and treat yourself to Tebal instead?

Martabak Boss also offers iced coffee to go with the martabak. The inclusion of coffee is definitely a testament to how connected this establishment is to the current taste of the youths in Jakarta. Now, Panglima Polim Street will no doubt see the increase of traffic thanks to Martabak Boss.