Manual Pick: TISOO Tree-Free Tissue

by Ihsan Rafdianto & Erdira Wirengjurit
16th July 2021
Usually, single-use items and sustainability don’t go hand in hand. That’s not the case for Bali-based TISOO and its aim to do good for the environment with one tissue roll at a time, deserving a spot for Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

The toilet paper panic-buy may be one of those events in human history we won’t be able to fully explain without sounding silly. But that craze would have hit the news a little differently, even perhaps less comical, if every toilet paper purchased meant one tree planted for a green cause. And that’s the case with the Bali-based label TISOO. 

A play on the words tissue and bamboo, TISOO navigates the market of household essentials, often overlooked and favoured for practicality over any attribute. On a mission to normalise a minimal waste lifestyle in Indonesia, co-founders William Christopher and Stephanie Thian challenged the industry and played the long game: what if home goods are practical and sustainable? Just shy of being one year old, the company’s first lineup of products capture that essence with their 100% bamboo tissue paper, chlorine-free and tree-free, best summed up with their tagline, “Wipe Without Worry.”

As the little trivia of the day, Bamboo is a grass crop that grows in abundance, self-regenerates, and requires just a fraction of water to thrive. The advantages are evident to make it an ally of the environment as the go-to material for single-use necessities, like takeout cutleries and even permanent goods, like furniture. Thus, TISOO doesn’t kill trees, and if that doesn’t seal the deal, the company is committed to reforestation for every bundle that makes its way into a home. In partnership with Lindungi Hutan, TISOO has planted over 120 trees in Semarang, Cilacap, Demak, and Kendal. An impressive feat for a brand that just started last year. Using tissue could have never possibly been this wholesome. 

Speaking of which, for the mix of their current line-up, find facial tissue, kitchen paper, and toilet paper; in short, one for every room of the house. After a close inspection, nothing beats the quality of the soft and thick-plied paper. Scratchy tissue has never been fun during flu season and when it comes to thin TP… you understand the smearing deal. Cleaning off spills and crumbs? That’s a piece of cake, made all the more convenient with their subscription-based home delivery in case you’re in for the long haul. It’s safe to say, pushing towards sustainability is as natural as wiping your bum!


TISOO Sample Pack – Rp.135,000. – Tokopedia