Manual Pick: Tongkol Fan

by Julius Kensan
10th May 2018
Pubumésu Tongkol fan from Canaan Bali offers a striking way to cool yourself while preserving traditions at the same time. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Given the sweltering weather that Jakarta has been experiencing recently, it’s a reflex to reach out for any broad and flat surface then proceed to fan yourself. Since the tropical climate prevails, it wouldn’t hurt to invest in a quality hand fan. After all, one can’t assume to be in an air-conditioned room all the time.

And if you do share the same sentiment, Tongkol (Mackerel Tuna) fan from Pubumésu is a natural standout. Sure it may seem a little lavish to spend 7-figure sum on a single hand fan, but just from the look itself and you’ll know that this Tongkol fan is no ordinary object. Apart from the purpose of cooling oneself, the multicolour hand fan is also about preserving traditions.

Made with thinned cowhide, each hole in Tongkol fan is punched individually to mirror the classic art form of Javanese Wayang (shadow puppet). And holding the school of fishes together are handles crafted from bull horns. It also goes without saying that this particular fan is a natural icebreaker. You might just hope for a sunny day for a good reason to fish out the Tongkol fan.


Pubumésu Tongkol Fan – IDR 1,250,000 –