Manual Pick: Oaken Lab Artisan Shaving Kit

by Julius Kensan
14th November 2019
As we're halfway into Movember, it's a good time to plan ahead for a satisfying close shave with Oaken Lab's Artisan Shaving Kit. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

There’s possibly nothing like shaving to signify the rite of passage for men. Yet despite its signifier of manhood, this daily ritual (usually done in the morning) is surprisingly overlooked. As the fast-paced life of the city requires speed and instancy, so has shaving been relegated into a basic grooming step that demands swiftness, preferably with the least amount of swipes as possible. Purist would shudder at the thought of dry shaving sans the application of aftershave.

Since we are midway into Movember (an annual event in the month of November where men show solidarity and grow their beard to raise awareness on men’s health issues), it’s definitely a good time to plan ahead. For Indonesian men’s grooming brand Oaken Lab, shaving is the time of the day to be savoured. In particular, their Artisan Set is a great way to introduce yourself into the more elaborate ritual of shaving.

Aside from the fundamental shaving cream and aftershave, their shaving brush with black marble handle and ceramic lather bowl (in collaboration with ceramic artist Ayu Larasati) carry a certain zen-like Japanese sensibilities that certainly help one, especially for those who are not a morning person, to look forward to the act of shaving in the morning.

While you’re free to use any existing razor to achieve a close shave, since you’re at it, might as well invest in their razor in black metal to complete the experience. Yes, they don’t come cheap but if you take into the consideration that they are made to last with recyclable double edge steel blades, then it’s going to be a good spend. The cherry on top? Finding a sophisticated gift for your man has never been this easy.


Oaken Lab Artisan Set and Safety Razor – IDR 990,000 and IDR 439,000 respectively –