Manual Pick: Neck Cushion

by Julius Kensan
29th December 2017
Is restful doze on an uncomfortable ride too much to ask? Well, not for this neck cushion from MUJI. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

As the end of the year draws near, stress level drops and the likelihood of taking a trip increases. But if there’s one thing to be kept to minimum, it’s the hours spent sitting in uncomfortable chairs, whether you’re travelling by plane, train or highway bus. There’s no need to envy your neighbours over at the business class though. This pain in the neck can be resolved with a simple neck cushion.

Unlike the common unsightly neck cushion that resembles baby neck floats, this particular item from MUJI affords restful doze with dignity. The soft cushion also comes with strap buckle to allow extra embrace for the neck. If you’re not one to be concerned about how you look, just place the neck cushion on the seat table and plonk your face down on it.

And here’s a friendly suggestion: once you’ve reached your port of destination, there’s really no reason to let the cushion hangs around your neck like an oversized necklace anymore.


Neck Cushion – IDR 349,000 –