Manual Pick: Metal Straw

by Erdira Wirengjurit
7th September 2018
Doing the simplest of endeavours can stretch the utmost impact to save the environment. Take for one, the metal straw from Cleanomic to replace your plastic ones. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

While the reduce-reuse-recycle (3Rs) narrative inspires many to join the movement for eco-friendly living, it feels like there’s always more that can be done for the sake of the environment. It’s a heartbreaking truth that surrounds us about plastic, and in a perfect world, perhaps we would already ditch single-use plastic at the thought of the poor marine life that plastic ruins or simply at the unaesthetic sight of discarded plastic waste piles often seen on roadsides.

This is where the idea to replace, in addition of the 3Rs, comes in at the right calling. This Cleanomic stainless steel straw offers an eco-friendly alternative to your regular plastic ones that maybe not many have ever given much thought about. To think of the amount of times we’ve apathetically used straws for our daily beverages, whether be it at home or while dining out, maybe jumping in on the bandwagon for reusable straws isn’t close to being a bad idea at all. Its functions remain unaltered, and your drink won’t be compromised, whatsoever, if that’s your worry. And fret not, the metal doesn’t release toxic agents to the body either. The catch, if it can even be called so, is that the straw will require just more maintenance: wash it with a pipe cleaner brush and it’s good to go for its next use.

Keep one at home, another at the office, or have it to go in your bag. Wherever one may choose to carry one, there’s really no downside to owning a few of this item. They make a great thoughtful gift as well to your entourage, and perhaps it will gently tap into their consciousness about the unhealthy habits we’ve forged with plastic. Moreover, metal straws won’t even set you back by much; these babies are cheap investments that can last for years at a time.

One may scoff and liken it to adding a pinch of salt to the sea. While your sole participation may not catalyse a wave of impacts to save the environment, at least you will have done your part in reducing trash by replacing your plastic straws with reusable ones. At this rate, the environment can always benefit from the littlest effort we put to save it. Afterall, plastic is just so passé.


Sedotan Stainless – IDR 15,000 –