Manual Pick: Lumping

by Julius Kensan
14th September 2017
This time round, the striking Lumping from alvinT catches our attention in the latest Manual Pick series. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight products we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Just like how expensive gadgets and designer goods are used to denote an adult’s social status, the same can be applied to kids as well, albeit in a different form. Remember that sleepover at your friend’s house where it left you feeling envious of their racecar toys complete with twisty racetracks or that giant dollhouse big enough to fit a few kittens at once?

While showing off is not on the agenda of noted local product designer, Alvin Tjitrowirjo, the Lumping rocking horse chair from his alvinT label possessed the kind of striking quality that would certainly serves well as a conversation starter. Inspired by ceremonial Javanese dance, Kuda Lumping, the furniture design company is more concerned with preserving tradition through contemporary design.

Big enough to fit a full-grown adult, the prominent part about Lumping is not just the eye-catching graphical hand-woven rattan body sets against the neat aluminium frame. Instead, it is the stripped-down design that allows the eye to appreciate the clean structure of Lumping.

Let’s just cut to the chase, reliving childhood memory is not the point here with Lumping. And it’s hard to imagine kid these days would choose a rocking chair over an iPad. But it’s not so farfetched to picture yourself rocking on it after a long day of work while thumbing through your social media feed. Lumping makes much more sense once you view it as a stress-reliever tool. So rock on.

Lumping – IDR 2.850.000 –