Manual Pick: Korken

by Julius Kensan
1st June 2017
We shine the spotlight on the pragmatic appeal of IKEA’s Korken bottle for our first installment of Manual Pick series, where we highlight objects we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

It may seem absurd to hail IKEA’s Korken bottle as one of the most recognisable products from the ready-to-assemble furniture and homeware retailer from Sweden. But if there’s a need to summon a guess, the status of this humble, ordinary-looking glass bottle must have bumped up along with the popularity of health drinks, such as infused water.

Maybe it’s the transparency that allows you to catch a glimpse of its contents or the colours of beverage like Kombucha. Or maybe it’s the Pavlovian responses induced from the sound of satisfying pop as one pulls open the tight lid. The mental sound of water being poured into the glass flashed before the mind and suddenly you’re in need of a drink.

Nevertheless, any reasons would be welcomed, especially when a simple glass bottle itself could pull off the task of helping one to anticipate drinking more water. Perhaps doctors should start looking into prescribing IKEA’s Korken bottle for patients who have trouble fulfilling eight glasses of water a day.

Korken Bottle – IDR 17.900 –