Manual Pick: Kojo Plant Orange Tree

by Elizabeth Sihombing
20th January 2020
While it’s still January and Lunar New Year is around the corner, the latest Manual pick tackles the art of being a plant parent with Kojo Plant’s Orange Tree. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight products we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Aside from its festivities, the Chinese New Year tradition is all about securing good fortunes; from the iconic ang pao red packets to the thumping beats of barongsai, there’s always something to look forward to during the lunar celebration. Another token of good luck bestowed this time of year is the Orange Tree, a gift traditionally sent to families to bring good luck for an abundant year of happiness and wealth. The golden-coloured oranges are also to represent money and the more laden with fruit the tree has, the luckier it is for the family who receives it. 

As we are getting closer to the annual celebration this Saturday (25th January), why not gift your family with the aforementioned Orange Tree? This one from Kojo Plant comes to you sturdy and bearing fruits already, leaving you with the mere responsibility to keep it alive and fruitful.

For new plant parents, the lifespan of the plant has always been a concern. But fret not, while owning an orange tree may seem like next level commitment, a little tender loving care will do wonders for this budding relationship. Once home, the next step is to find a cosy spot (preferably near a window) in the house or apartment that gets a steady amount of sunlight for half a day (preferably all day) for maximum benefits. If you own a smaller-sized tree, water them twice a week until the soil is damp to help nurture the growing roots. For mature ones, let the tree “dry out” and only water them every 10 days to two weeks. 

Invest in a pair of pruning shears to help take any dead branches off for a healthy growth and the oranges will be ripe when they fall right off the tree. It’s time to take parenting off the ground and into something that will be fruitful for all parties. While the lunar new year only happens once a year, this orange tree will ought to bring fortune all year round.


Orange Tree — IDR 1,650,000.- — Kojo Plant