Manual Pick: Khadi Paper

By Hana Oktavia A.
12th February 2020
With Valentine’s Day approaching, we pay homage to a time-honoured gift of hand-written letters using Khadi Paper for our newest edition in Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

As years elapsed, it’s one thing to wake up to paragraphs of romantic text messages on Valentine’s Day. But pour those into writing, then the words become alive. This is a case for hand-written love letters, the time-honoured modus of expressing one’s romantic emotions in the name of Love. In the era of instant gratification, letters have lost their prime, yet a simple revert to the old-fashioned way will make the occasion a whole lot more intimate and meaningful.

Although words are of the essence, details elevate the experience for the writer and benefactor of the gift. Your stationery begins with the right paper: textured and artisan-made, Indian-based Khadi Papers offers paper made entirely of long fibre cotton rag. Pleasant to the touch, the cotton paper’s rough edges brings old-school essence, while the rough texture holds depth to the words written on it. Choose between washed white, grey or pink for your statement, but if you’re leaning towards a tender-hearted mood, rose speaks volume.

Fluid ink and felt tip pens will glide smoother than your emotions on textured paper. Write a poem; a song lyrics; a random thought that embodies your feelings. Forget the grand gestures of delivery: when finished, slip it in a sleek envelope and seal it to your beloved. You’ll see why this forgotten gift is, ironically, the most timeless of all.

Truth be told, it can be any paper, especially if time is pressing. But like any other craft, Love is a truthfully tedious one, yet it never stopped anyone from going the extra mile. With that said, it’s only right to craft the unique piece for the very day that celebrates this jumble-fumble of emotions we call Love. 


A5 Khadi Paper — IDR 129.900 — C for Calligraphy