Manual Pick: Ibu, Maaf by 6616

Cindy Julia Tobing
22nd December 2020
Because words of gratitude never fail to warm a mother’s heart, “Ibu, Maaf” initiative by 6616 is a thoughtful gift to be shared on Mother’s Day and is a natural choice for this round of Manual Pick.

This year more than ever, mothers deserve their day in the sun. The pipe dream is to give her that timeless diamond cut (but whose bank account are we kidding here?). In the meantime, why don’t we make it up through words and thoughtful gifts that express all our sincerity? 

It’s only befitting then that we highlight “Ibu, Maaf”, an initiative by Jakarta-based multidisciplinary creative house 6616 that celebrates mothers and their contribution, through curated gifts and a personalised note bearing words of gratitude. And what better way to deliver the deed than on the special Mother’s Day. 

Collaborating with nine local brands – Oaken Lab, Herbana, Fredhelligh, Made by Margaret Yap, Wheat & Water, Good to Go, Du Anyam, Toko Kopi TUKU and Tanabassa – each curated gift has its own story to tell with a message that echoes with each brand. 

One can give their mother artisanal pasta from Wheat & Water as a gesture for that much-yearned quality time in the kitchen or gifting Oaken Lab’s range of products like their scented candle to soothe her mood. There are also handmade, ceramic glazed goods from Made by Margaret Yap, such as the egg holder and mug, to add to her collectables (read: too pretty to use). On a more timely gift, one can opt for Herbana’s herbal supplements to keep her energised or Good to Go’s anti-bacterial cleaning necessities for a stainless and good-smelling laundry that mothers pine for.

While one can choose to have their message written or kept empty, the simple “Ibu, Maaf” tagline is already printed on each note to give everyone a head start to a short and sweet handwritten note. Pair it with the thoughtful gift on the lineup and let the sincerity reach every mother’s heart. 

This year’s conundrums have forced many to limit physical contact or worst of all, live apart from loved ones. And while this token of appreciation does not equate to a mother’s loving embrace, may the thoughtful memorabilia of “Ibu, Maaf” evoke a similar and much-needed warmth on this Mother’s Day.


Ibu, Maaf by 6616 – price ranging from IDR 60,000 to IDR 370,000 – list of products can be found at Tokopedia