Manual Pick: Fredhelligh Mattress Thumper

By Cindy Julia Tobing
18th September 2020
We fancy this classic household item that our mothers swear by: Legolas the Mattress Thumper by Fredhelligh, a versatile tool that packs a punch to bite the dust while still looking like a handsome trinket is our choice for Manual Pick, a series where highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

Versatile with many home uses, a dust beater used to be the go-to tool when one wants to beat the daylights out of dirty surfaces like rugs or beddings. For the older generation, it is also a classic ‘weapon’ in every mother’s arsenal – a sight all too familiar for the slackers or curfew-breakers. In this instalment of Manual Pick, we fancy this traditional and multifunctional household item, Legolas the Mattress Thumper, from the local curated homeware brand, Fredhelligh, whose charms go beyond a mere cleaning tool. 

A playful take on the Norwegian words “Fred” (peace), “Hellig” (Holy to holiday) and the letter H for “Home”, the one-stop-shop founded by Santi Alaysius of Domisilium Studio and partners Hamphrey Tedja, Veny Lai, Prita Widyaputri and Irene Tanjono, offers a range of household products that are locally made, with attention to straightforward and practical designs. Like their other artisanal homeware, the Legolas is a double-threat item that is not only functional as a tool but also a pleasing trinket for the home. 

Made by craftsmen in Cirebon, West Java, the firm build of this rattan-made “mattress thumper” packs a wallop to beat off any dust mites; much like its name, Legolas gets the job done on surfaces like mattresses, rugs, carpets or even clothes. Available in the original rattan and black colour, with a charming loop pattern that resembles a leaf, Legolas is as handsome to use, as it is to show off.

While vacuum cleaners may have taken reign, but some chores still tend towards the simple, irreplaceable tools that come in handy at one’s disposal. Legolas the Mattress Thumper assumes duty to continue this domestic tradition, with a visual charm that easily encourages an impulsive purchase and uses going beyond a mere house cleaning tool – safe to say that strict mothers have certainly gotten creative with it!


Legolas the Mattress Thumper – IDR 120,000 — Fredhelligh at Kumulo BSD