Manual Pick: Bored not Bored Lap Desk

By Hana Oktavia A.
18th March 2021
Monotonous days of hustling from home call for a tiny change within your personal working space. We dig into the eye-grabbing and versatile Bored not Bored Lap Desk by Materium for our latest instalment of Manual Pick, a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

In 2019, furniture label Materium introduced their collections of contemporary furnishing with the purpose of blurring the lines between the home and workplace through good design. 

The brand, launched in a collaborative effort by metalworks specialist Malka, interior design firm DMDIO (also an offshoot of Domisilium Studio) and design studio Thinking*Room immediately marked a fashionable presence through their modest, yet explorative and progressive approach to home and office furniture by stripping off the non-essentials and steering clear of conventional design (think grey office desks or black cushion armchairs) with their clean aesthetics inclusive of muted colour palette, sleek lines and curvy build.

With working-from-home revolutionising the way we work, Materium has orbited more versatile working accessories one can incorporate into the living space. Comes Bored not Bored Lap Desk, a timely item designed to – as its name implies – make your productive days behind the four walls a tad bit less monotonous, especially if you’re the type to attend to the unremitting zoom calls straight from the sack. 

Aptly designed with the same minimalist gusto, the lightweight metal desk is as straightforward and functional as it is covetable. Its build is kept simple with curved edges falling on two feet, while the range of colours is toned down to four shades (mint green, powder blue, terra cotta, and sand beige) that are equally easy-on-the-eyes.

It’s definitely a catch for those whose schedules require sitting in front of the laptop for hours-on-end – as its sleek appearance may prompt some productive urges – and even more so for those who’d like to reward themselves with a binge-watching session once the clock passes 5 pm. A more radical (nonetheless appealing) idea to utilise this multifunctional desk is to serve yourself a little breakfast in bed when the morning schedule allows enough time for a treat.

Whether you’re a design-minded individual or simply one who covets the idea of working in a laid-back mode, the versatile Bored not Bored Lap Desk can be an investment to contemporise your working station to counter the monotony of hustling (or binging) from home.


Materium Bored not Bored Lap Desk – IDR 1.540.000 –