Manual Pick: Barnes

by Julius Kensan
7th July 2017
In this Manual Pick, we lay our eyes on the unfussy Barnes shades from local eyewear company, Bridges. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight objects we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

The options of sunglasses out there can be tediously boring. There just seem to be never ending supply of repetitive Ray-Ban shades, be it original or knock-offs. But on the other hand, vintage or high-end ones carry obscenely high price tag, that no matter how you look at it, doesn’t justify going hungry for months just to save up for it.

Bridges, a local eyewear company, was founded to fill that gap between quality eyewear and affordable price, hence the befitting name. The idea of bridge is even extended to one of their sunwear glasses, Barnes.

The bridge (centre of the frames that rests on wearer’s nose) of this particular shades literally takes its inspiration from a bridge in London. Still, the satisfaction of putting on Barnes comes from the fact that one doesn’t appear conspicuous in the pursuit of shielding the eyes from harmful effects of the sun. Any concern about looking like a clone of Willy Wonka is immediately laid to rest.

For those who are itching to be noticed in a more discreet manner, other than black, Barnes also comes in Whiskey Tortoise and Crystal frame that tastefully puts you under the spotlight for the right reason.


Barnes Sunglasses – IDR 1.200.000 –