Manual Pick: ArteSana Soap

Ayu Swasti Amandari & Pingkan Palilingan
29th November 2018
Locally made with only natural ingredients, these soap bars from ArteSana could very well be your skin’s saviour from Jakarta’s unfavourable climate. Manual Pick is a series where we highlight items we love and desire that range from remarkably banal to mucho fancy.

The topic of Jakarta doesn’t stray far from the pollution that the city discharges, which is only getting worse by the day. What with the traffic and the seemingly neverending MRT construction, every single day that we spend in this city has inevitably exposed us to unfavourable harms to the body. And let’s not forget the incomparable heat. It’s really a no-brainer why we find ourselves complaining so often about the poor state of our skin – familiar with dry skin, rashes and acnes?

And while it does come with a bit of a price tag, these handmade soap bars from ArteSana would do just fine to give your skin the love and care it deserves. Hailing from Yogyakarta, these soap bars are free from artificial nasties – parabens, synthetic perfumes, artificial colouring and all. Instead, they are made of coconut oil, essential oils, beeswax and cocoa butter, to mention a few.

But the best thing is the fact that it comes with a variety of scents. Whether it’s the Medicinal Tea Tree, the Soothing Aloe or the Honey Oat soap, you can be sure that none will harm the skin. Just find one that catches your fancy. And better yet, you can also take into account its attractive shape, unlike those utilitarian-shaped manufactured soaps you find in the supermarket aisles.

It goes without saying it’s worth the investment, especially when it’s pretty enough to double as an ornamental object up on the shelves. And just in time, there is no better way to start the new year than with a clean slate.


ArteSana Soap Bars – IDR 40,000 – IDR 50,000 – Ruko Roxy Mas