Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 4

Manual Jakarta
27th June 2019
Our latest Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 4 delves into the pleasure of belonging in a community, a contemplation into the faces of Jakarta and the humbling perseverance of action star Yayan Ruhian.

Is doing the same thing over and over again that bad for you? Sure, it can be monotonous, but is it really that bad for you? If we can all agree that establishing a thorough skincare regime is good for your complexion or daily exercise is beneficial for health, then why is it so hard to subscribe to the idea that life itself is full of repetition? Manual Jakarta Print Issue No. 4 is all about finding pleasure in the everyday routine, in the certainty of uniformity, and in repeating the same thing persistently.

Anchoring this issue is Faces of Jakarta. They are the people who we count on to get us through our daily lives, yet their significance in the formation of the culture of the capital city is something we rarely consider. In It Takes a Community, we look into five local communities, from skateboarders to BDSM practitioners, that underline how one’s pursuit of leisure can open up doors to a community that embraces and provides a safe space for members to be themselves.

Elsewhere, we are proud to shine the spotlight on actor and stunt choreographer, Yayan Ruhian who continues to do our country proud with his appearance on the Hollywood big screen. His frank and uncomplicated take on obstacles in life is a revealing illumination on the importance of perseverance in the path to success.

These days, with the presence of social media, it can seem like life is supposed to be constantly filled with big and adventurous moments. How not to when one is regularly bombarded with feeds of impromptu overseas trips and thrilling parties? That’s why we hope this issue offers you with another lens (albeit not rose-tinted one) to take in the city that we’re living in, even when you’re chained to your desk or stuck in the unforgiving traffic.


Julius Kensan



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